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Date: 11th August 2016
Prefabricated American Horse Barns Design
NO.Namemobile storage container1Standard size8'x10,8'x12',8'x14',8'x16', 8'x19', CUSTOM SIZES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE2constructionSOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION3alpplicationEXTERIOR LADDERS,SWING DOORS,ROLL DOORS,SHELVING,LOCK-BOXES4paintCustom paint5Base Frame12# Channel Steel,PVC painted or spray lacquer6Steel beam60mm square steel tube, PVC painted or spray lacquer7Floor Purlin60mm square steel tube, PVC painted or spray lacquer8Corner Steel Column60mm square steel tube,PVC painted or spray lacquer9Middle Steel Column60mm square steel tube, PVC painted or spray lacquer10Roof panel0mm Flat EPS Composite Sandwich Panel (both side:color steel sheet, ? ? ?core material: EPS)11Wall panel50mm Flat EPS Composite Sandwich Panel12Floor panelcomposite waterproof ?board13DoorW1600mmxH2000mm side-hung door1.Easy to assemble and disassemble: This type of house will be cycled because they could be assembled and disassembled more than ten times. To assemble the house only needs the simple tools without any power source. It only needs the plugs and screws to connect the house.2.Strong structure: it adopts the steel frame structure, therefore, it is stable because of the code of building structure.3.Durable: the life time of this house is more than 20 years because the steel frame parts are all deal with anti-corrosion coating.4.Heat-insulation: The walls and roof are made of color-coated steel sandwich panels (EPS, XPS, PU or Rock Wool) which is known for its food heat-insulating and fire proof performance.PS: The wall can also be made of autoclaved lightweight panel which is a better material for walls.
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